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Ideas are Worth Nothing Unless You Execute

Power In The Way of Progress

VMWare Tools on Ubuntu Desktop Instance - a script

VMWare Tools on Ubuntu Server Instance - a script

An entertaining read: If programming languages were religions

VMWare on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) - New HowTo

New HowTo for Trac v0.11 and Subversion on Ubuntu Hardy Heron

Posted new HOWTO for lcdproc and G15 keyboard on Ubuntu 8.04

I want to hear about problems, not solutions

Hiring - Do I Have To?

Divs vs. Tables for layout in your Html

Wiki Population, Source Control, Hiring, Trying Out Technology, etc...

VMWare tools install doesn't setup mouse properly for Ubuntu Gutsy Desktop

Trac Launched

New HowTo Post: Install Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu Gutsy with Apache2

How I'll Post HowTos

Deciding on Wiki/Issue Management Tools

Starting a new Job

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

books of read!

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I am a technology professional, husband and father striving to balance many interests in my life. Occasionally, I write about technical hobbies, my career, travel (mostly in our RV) and other things important in my life.

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